Tuesday Night Game

But it’s Wednesday morning in the Philippines. It’s Wednesday night here right now.

Watching Baseball and talking about what happened is quite hard when I
have to mention the time. Even if my readers are Filipinos (in my other
blogs), I still have to say “last night” and just add “(morning in
Manila)” because one time-line is not enough. I think I’ll just have
troublesome explaining it, so never mind.

The New York Yankees had their first game of the series against the Seattle Mariners. First game, first win. 8-5.

I wasn’t able to watch the game live on ESPN, but I was in MLB’s
Gameday. It’s where I am whenever ESPN Philippines isn’t showing any
live Baseball game. Like what I was doing lately, I was jotting down the game details.

I’d say the hero of the game was Melky Cabrera. I admire this guy. He’s
just so fun to watch and he’s a real team player. I’ve seen him making
sacrifice bunts for his team. He’s not playing for his own records.
He’s playing for his team.

Melky helped bring 3 runs for the Bombers. One of them was his.

The Yankees had their 6th straight win on Tuesday night. I hope they’ll win the series against the Mariners.

Wednesday night starting pitcher will be Andy Pettitte. How I wish ESPN
will show the game. I want to see Mr. Steel Gaze pitch. Perhaps I
just want to see the steel gaze of the pitcher.

By the way, 4 hours before the game, Yankee first baseman Mark Teixeira had a chat with some fans. He answered questions about, of course, Baseball, including Mariano Rivera, his favourite ball player, tips for aspiring athletes, and the new Yankee Stadium. It was fun, though he haven’t answered a questioned I submitted. I should’ve submitted them earlier. I was online at least an hour before the appointed chat time. Losh!

Natasha Thomas – Sunshine After Rain


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