The Hammer of God in Baseball


I’ve finally watched Mariano Rivera
pitching in the ninth inning! His 503rd save, which was against the Blue Jays, was so breathtaking. And I am saying that literally.

Everyone was anticipating for the 3 up, 3 down. Maybe they were even expecting a strikeout sweep.

The first batter on plate, Alex Rios, was struck out with 1-3. Just one ball for Rivera, a 91mph cutter. The rest were 92 mph.

in line was DH David Dellucci who hit a fly ball to centre fielder
Brett Gardner. It was a 90 mph cutter. Dellucci bats left, but as
expected, he had to switch into a right hitter to avoid breaking his
bat, or being hurt, by Mariano Rivera’s cutter.

All switch hitters bat right against right-handed Mariano. When it’s Mariano Rivera, you must keep right.

last to bat was the Blue Jays’ catcher, Raul Chavez. I wonder how should
I describe this moment. First pitch was a strike, and so was the
second. Just one more and it’s the final out. Would’ve also been an
awesome record of three consecutive strikes in a single at bat.

the next pitch by Mariano was a ball followed by another ball. 2-and-2
for both players.

The next pitch spoiled everyone as it resulted to a
foul ball. But the wait was finally over when the next and last pitch,
the only 4-seam fast ball Mariano released, made umpire John Hirschbeck
call a swinging strike to Chavez.

It was the final out and the first win of the New York Yankees, 4-2, against the Toronto Blue Jays for the series.

Note: Those in bold lead to another website, for a Mariano Rivera reference.

Shaka Labbits – Monster Tree

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