Pitched with Angst

It’s been six days since my last post here, but it feels like ages ago.
A lot had happened. I haven’t even written anything about the Yankees’
winning sweep against the Twins.

I think I’ve been busy last week. There was also not much ESPN coverage
so I wasn’t able to watch the game, thus couldn’t write passionately. I
wasn’t also able to watch the first game of the NY Yankees against the
LA Angels. My fave team lost, and I feel sad.

The first four innings and a half of the game were in favour of the Yankees until they reached the bottom of the fifth.

As I saw the results, I felt disappointed. The Yanks were having a good
start, but the fifth inning gave a lot of hits and runs for the Angels.
I’m not saying that the latter are no good, that they can’t hit or run.
But as a fan, you always hope that your team’s defense is invulnerable.

Baseball is Baseball. Anything can happen.

When the opposing team wins, one sometimes can’t help but put a little,
if not all, blame to the pitcher.

There are pitchers who put me at
ease, and there are those who are capable of pitching uncertainty to
me. But before I make my final “verdict” I make sure that I’ve read
enough details and/or information and have watched enough videos of the
particular game.

It’s just not fair to judge someone without prior knowledge. It’s better to remain silent.

I hope there will be no more error in the next game. And I hope the Yankees win.


  1. stevg95

    Yeah, I just finished watching the Yankee game today, and they lost 14-8 to the Angels. They yankee pitching has been anything but “spectacular” this series. The Yanks offense, continues to remain hot as they blasted 5 homeruns today. otherwise another disappointing loss for the Yanks. Check out my blog!!!

  2. jenshinrai

    I must’ve forgotten to post my reply. My apologies. Well, this is late so I’ll just thank you for sharing your opinion. =)

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