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I want to thank Armando Galarraga for being a true gentleman.

I could hardly keep my eyes from welling after watching this video.

I admire Umpire Jim Joyce for what he did after he blew the biggest call of his life, so far. I believe there are more big calls to come. He will do better.

And of course, I cannot stop admiring Armando Galarraga for his classiness and gracefulness. Seriously. His reaction on Austin Jackson’s catch in the centrefield impressed me so much. And when Jim Joyce called Jason Donald safe in first base, there was no conceit in Galarraga’s reaction. He looked sneaky, but just fine.

Both Joyce and Galarraga have been true gentlemen.

I also want to thank the Detroit Tigers organization for handling this situation. This ball club has been more than impressive. And of course, the fans. Verbal and blog retaliations were understandable, but I believe they did okay. I am also a Tigers fan. Haha! They’re giving me more reasons, besides Verlander and Damon, for rooting.

This is one of the reasons why I love MLB. It has a lot of men of character. Lurve it!


Originally posted in Multiply on June 4th.