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The Bulls Unstoppable against the Patriots

It’s June, the rain outpour seems to be unstoppable, and so are the Batangas Bulls. 
Vladimir Eguia pitched a complete game with 7 runs and 4 strikeouts (according to my phone/memory) against the Taguig Patriots for the morning game on June 5, Saturday. I’m glad I’m not a scribe nor a journalist, because I don’t have a complete record of the game. I don’t even have a list of the game’s line up. I didn’t bother to copy what was on board. I was too lazy to type it on my phone.
When I saw Vladimir Eguia after the game, I thought of Tim Lincecum. Not that I saw anything to compare both. Eguia covered his left arm with cold compress, something Tim Lincecum would not do. The Freak never puts ice on his arm.
I wasn’t able to see the first pitch but I knew the Taguig Patriots drew the first blood. They actually had 2 runs in the first inning with two stolen bases. But the Bulls tied the game at third. They continued the rally in the fourth inning with five runs on 2-run double, ground rule double, an RBI from I’m-sorry-I-don’t-know-who, and the Patriots’ shortstop error. These gave the lefty Vladimir Eguia some support as he tried to keep the Patriots from reaching home.
Errors were everywhere in the game. One even gave the Bulls a run in the top of the sixth. There’s no better way to celebrate such “free” run than do the Yankees’ hip to hip leap. Nick Swisher and Robinson Cano do such a lot.
The Patriots also took comfort when the second baseman of the Bulls dropped a routine pop out near the first base. The Patriot was held safe in first base, and I couldn’t help but think of Luis Castillo. It also happened in June last season. Oh, who doesn’t remember such incident on A-Rod? The Mets may have lost the game because of that dropped ball, but the Bulls were able to redeem themselves as the Patriot was caught stealing second base after the batter next to him was struck out. The gift was taken away.
Eguia struck out the third batter he faced in the bottom of sixth to end the inning.
One of my favourite innings, if not the top favourite, was the bottom of the seventh. I was so amused with how the last out of the inning happened. It reminded me so much of Ty Wigginton running back to home as Juan Miranda was about to tag him.
The second Patriot to be out just left the first base when the first baseman (I don’t know his name) threw the ball to second base (or short stop?). The Patriot had to move to third base but he was held between two Bulls until he finally got tagged by the third baseman.
I have another favourite scene in the bottom of the seventh, only to be blown by a bad throw. The second baseman scooted a ground ball then maneuvered like Robinson Cano but overthrew the ball to first base. I got spoiled. But then, what Cano does defensively is not something common, even in the big league.
There were many errors in the game that I could hardly point each. It only makes me confused. I also noticed that these players, from both teams, are pretty aggressive in stealing bases.
It’s really awful not to have my pen and paper when watching a ballgame. Thank goodness I brought my phone, but nothing beats old school writing system