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June 2009 Entries

Again, I’ll just be posting links here about my MLB-related entries in the month of June.

*Yankees vs. Mets, posted 15 June 2009.
I was writing about the first Subway Series, which was in the Yankee Stadium. This is pretty historical, especially the first game on Friday night. Every Yankee and Met fan who was at the stadium as well as those who watched the game live on TV, would never forget the A-Rod pop up and Luis Castillo clutch.

It’s Baseball. Anything can happen.

*Twitter Updates on Yankees vs. Marlins, posted 19 June 2009
Whenever ESPN Philippines isn’t showing Yankees Baseball, I just log on to MLB.com and check the Gameday. Thank MLB for that! I was able to get updates about the game, but I still prefer watching it live on ESPN.

*Plurk Updates on Yankees vs. Marlins, posted 19 June 2009
Am I a network junkie? I don’t know. I may have online accounts but I don’t really bother myself about making friends.

I guess I was just so into the game, though I couldn’t watch it, that I couldn’t help myself but put my thoughts into words.

*Baseball Dreamer and Brett Gardner, posted on 19 June 2009.
This entry is about my constant dreaming about Baseball. It’s been seven straight days. I guess that proves that I am so into Baseball. I did have a day or two of no-Baseball-dreams, but it’s back again.

As for Gardner, it was about what happened to him during their game against the Nationals.

*Saturday Baseball, posted on 20 June 2009
I missed the Yankees vs. Marlins game because our cable operator was fixing a post in our village. It was just annoying how of all the days in the week, they chose Saturday morning.

*Jeter Day, posted on 26 June 2009
This entry, although short, was about the Yankees’ game against the Braves. It was a very long game as if I was watching The Dark Knight. It was also Derek Jeter’s 35th birthday.

*Writing About Sports, posted 27 June 2009
I’ve already become a fervent fan that I want to write an article or anything sensible about Baseball. I’ve writing since elementary, but I never thought, never ever, that I’d be writing about Sports.

By the way, it was the first game of the of the Subway Series part II. Such a very interesting game.

*Subway Series II Game 1 Stories, posted 28 June 2009
This was about the first game of the second series, but I didn’t write much. Most of its contents are links about the game.

*Will rest then write about AJ Burnett.., posted 28 June 2009
I’ve already written something about the game. I usually just write one article about a game I’ve watched, but it was different for the second game of the series. I felt compelled to write something about the starting pitcher. I was just too sleepy and not feeling well so I had to have some nap first.

*The Bronx Bombers for the Last Game of the Subway Series II.., posted 29 June 2009
It was a disappointing Saturday. No ESPN live coverage plus brown out. Annoying.

*The Yankees share history with the Mets in their 2009 Subway Series, posted 29-6-2009
This supposed blog entry was about the first and second Subway Series. I find the Yankees vs. Mets games very interesting.

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