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MLB Warning: Walking is Dangerous to Your Team

Dodgers may have drawn the first blood in the second inning, but the
visiting Phillies won Game 1 of the NLCS last Thursday night in the
Dodger Stadium. It was 8-6 on board.

The results would have been
different if not for the walks given up by the Dodgers. Half of the
total runs of the Phillies all began with bases earned on balls, also
known as walks.

The first walk that made the Phillies lead was
given up by Clayton Kershaw to Pedro Feliz in the fifth inning. He only
had one strike. Next to bat was Carlos Ruiz who hit a 2-run homer off
Kershaw’s 93 MPH fastball.

The next batter, Philles starter Cole
Hamels, also earned a walk from Kershaw. Hamels was out at second base,
but he was not the last Phillies to earn a walk in the fifth inning.
Chase Utley also had a base earned on balls followed by Ryan Howard who
doubled on a flyball to the right field, sending Jimmy Rollins and
Chase Utley to the home plate. The Phillies nailed 5 runs in the fifth

the eight inning, Ryan Howard and Jayson Werth went on back to back
walks from reliever George Sherrill. Both had only one strike. The next
batter was Raul Ibañez. The first baseman only hit one pitch from
Sherrill, a 74 MPH slider that homered a fly ball to the right field.
It was a 3-run homer in the eight inning, and 8 runs on board for the

Without the walks, the Phillies would’ve just had 4 runs and the Dodgers would’ve won the game with their 6 runs.

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It’s Loretta Day in Dodgertown

LAD.jpgJust 5 hits and 3 runs in 9 innings. Not impressive? Perhaps. But it’s
all the Dodgertown needs to set its citizens into an uproar.

was a 2-1 lead by the Cardinals since the seventh inning. The Dodgers
had to make the most of the bottom of the ninth. And it was a dramatic
one having two outs.

With two runners in scoring positions,
Ronnie Belliard singled on a fly ball to centre field. Juan Pierre
scored to tie the game while Casey Blake moved to second base.

Russell Martin batting, Blake and Belliard advanced caused by Yadier
Molina’s passed ball. It would be an easy position, especially for
Casey Blake, to earn a run if the next at bat results to at least an

The next batter, Mark Loretta, the seventh of the Dodgers,
was pinch hitting for George Sherrill. The first pitch was a 92MPH
4-seam fastball that Loretta fouled. Next was another 92MPH 4-seam
fastball. This time it was a line drive to shallow centre field, and a
cheer drive in the Dodger Stadium.

Loretta hit a walk-off single
win for the LA Dodgers, 3-2, against the St. Louis Cardinals. It’s the
Dodgers’ second win of the National League Division Series.

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