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Pitched with Angst

It’s been six days since my last post here, but it feels like ages ago.
A lot had happened. I haven’t even written anything about the Yankees’
winning sweep against the Twins.

I think I’ve been busy last week. There was also not much ESPN coverage
so I wasn’t able to watch the game, thus couldn’t write passionately. I
wasn’t also able to watch the first game of the NY Yankees against the
LA Angels. My fave team lost, and I feel sad.

The first four innings and a half of the game were in favour of the Yankees until they reached the bottom of the fifth.

As I saw the results, I felt disappointed. The Yanks were having a good
start, but the fifth inning gave a lot of hits and runs for the Angels.
I’m not saying that the latter are no good, that they can’t hit or run.
But as a fan, you always hope that your team’s defense is invulnerable.

Baseball is Baseball. Anything can happen.

When the opposing team wins, one sometimes can’t help but put a little,
if not all, blame to the pitcher.

There are pitchers who put me at
ease, and there are those who are capable of pitching uncertainty to
me. But before I make my final “verdict” I make sure that I’ve read
enough details and/or information and have watched enough videos of the
particular game.

It’s just not fair to judge someone without prior knowledge. It’s better to remain silent.

I hope there will be no more error in the next game. And I hope the Yankees win.

Another missed game.

I wasn’t able to watch the Tuesday noon game of the Yankees vs. Blue Jays. Thanks to ESPN, there was no live telecast.

When I checked the Yankees.com,
I found plenty of video highlights. I missed a lot! Joba Chamberlain
may not be my favourite starter, but it was still a game I would like
to watch. I want to see and know how every Yankee player does his role.
Besides, I’m always curious how he pitches when Posada is his catcher.

Albeit missing the game, I thank God that the Yankees won again. It’s their third win against the Blue Jays. One more win and they will tie with the Red Sox. One more win and it’ll be a sweep against my second favourite team.

I may like the Blue Jays, but not as much as the Yankees. I still want
the Yankees to win, and I do mind if they lose to the Blue Jays.

Tomorrow is the fourth and last game of the Yankees vs. Blue Jays. Mr.
Steel Gaze will be the starting pitcher. Too bad ESPN will not air the
game. I really hate it.

Can I teleport to the Yankee Stadium? Please?

By the way, I am glad that Derek Jeter, Mark Teixeira and Mariano Rivera made it to the All-Star Game roster. Thank you for everyone who voted for the Yankees’ captain and first baseman.

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July 1 in New York, July 2 in Manila..

For the second time, there was no live ESPN coverage of the New York
Yankees against the Seattle Mariners. So, I just contented myself with MLB Gameday, like what I usually do in situations like this.

The Yankees won the second game of the series, 4-2, against the
Mariners. Good. It was their seventh straight win and Mariano Rivera’s
502nd save. Congratulations, Mr. Rivera! Also, A-Rod had another 2 run homer, right into The Monument.

I wanted to write about the game, but I haven’t watched it with my own eyes though I have the game details through the Gameday and Game Wrapup. I also want to write about Ramiro Peña. I’m going to miss this guy. He’s got talent, and he is good.

There was an article written, but it was my opinion about Joe Girardi’s
decision to pull Phil Hughes out and replace him with Brian Bruney.
It’s Mr. Girardi’s call, not mine. I have it posted in Bleacher Report. If anyone wants to read what I wrote, it’s here: The Arcane Eight Inning Decision of Joe Girardi

The next starting pitcher is CC Sabathia and I thank God that ESPN Asia will cover the game. 0700H GMT+8.


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June 2009 Entries

Again, I’ll just be posting links here about my MLB-related entries in the month of June.

*Yankees vs. Mets, posted 15 June 2009.
I was writing about the first Subway Series, which was in the Yankee Stadium. This is pretty historical, especially the first game on Friday night. Every Yankee and Met fan who was at the stadium as well as those who watched the game live on TV, would never forget the A-Rod pop up and Luis Castillo clutch.

It’s Baseball. Anything can happen.

*Twitter Updates on Yankees vs. Marlins, posted 19 June 2009
Whenever ESPN Philippines isn’t showing Yankees Baseball, I just log on to MLB.com and check the Gameday. Thank MLB for that! I was able to get updates about the game, but I still prefer watching it live on ESPN.

*Plurk Updates on Yankees vs. Marlins, posted 19 June 2009
Am I a network junkie? I don’t know. I may have online accounts but I don’t really bother myself about making friends.

I guess I was just so into the game, though I couldn’t watch it, that I couldn’t help myself but put my thoughts into words.

*Baseball Dreamer and Brett Gardner, posted on 19 June 2009.
This entry is about my constant dreaming about Baseball. It’s been seven straight days. I guess that proves that I am so into Baseball. I did have a day or two of no-Baseball-dreams, but it’s back again.

As for Gardner, it was about what happened to him during their game against the Nationals.

*Saturday Baseball, posted on 20 June 2009
I missed the Yankees vs. Marlins game because our cable operator was fixing a post in our village. It was just annoying how of all the days in the week, they chose Saturday morning.

*Jeter Day, posted on 26 June 2009
This entry, although short, was about the Yankees’ game against the Braves. It was a very long game as if I was watching The Dark Knight. It was also Derek Jeter’s 35th birthday.

*Writing About Sports, posted 27 June 2009
I’ve already become a fervent fan that I want to write an article or anything sensible about Baseball. I’ve writing since elementary, but I never thought, never ever, that I’d be writing about Sports.

By the way, it was the first game of the of the Subway Series part II. Such a very interesting game.

*Subway Series II Game 1 Stories, posted 28 June 2009
This was about the first game of the second series, but I didn’t write much. Most of its contents are links about the game.

*Will rest then write about AJ Burnett.., posted 28 June 2009
I’ve already written something about the game. I usually just write one article about a game I’ve watched, but it was different for the second game of the series. I felt compelled to write something about the starting pitcher. I was just too sleepy and not feeling well so I had to have some nap first.

*The Bronx Bombers for the Last Game of the Subway Series II.., posted 29 June 2009
It was a disappointing Saturday. No ESPN live coverage plus brown out. Annoying.

*The Yankees share history with the Mets in their 2009 Subway Series, posted 29-6-2009
This supposed blog entry was about the first and second Subway Series. I find the Yankees vs. Mets games very interesting.

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