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The Hammer of God in Baseball


I’ve finally watched Mariano Rivera
pitching in the ninth inning! His 503rd save, which was against the Blue Jays, was so breathtaking. And I am saying that literally.

Everyone was anticipating for the 3 up, 3 down. Maybe they were even expecting a strikeout sweep.

The first batter on plate, Alex Rios, was struck out with 1-3. Just one ball for Rivera, a 91mph cutter. The rest were 92 mph.

in line was DH David Dellucci who hit a fly ball to centre fielder
Brett Gardner. It was a 90 mph cutter. Dellucci bats left, but as
expected, he had to switch into a right hitter to avoid breaking his
bat, or being hurt, by Mariano Rivera’s cutter.

All switch hitters bat right against right-handed Mariano. When it’s Mariano Rivera, you must keep right.

last to bat was the Blue Jays’ catcher, Raul Chavez. I wonder how should
I describe this moment. First pitch was a strike, and so was the
second. Just one more and it’s the final out. Would’ve also been an
awesome record of three consecutive strikes in a single at bat.

the next pitch by Mariano was a ball followed by another ball. 2-and-2
for both players.

The next pitch spoiled everyone as it resulted to a
foul ball. But the wait was finally over when the next and last pitch,
the only 4-seam fast ball Mariano released, made umpire John Hirschbeck
call a swinging strike to Chavez.

It was the final out and the first win of the New York Yankees, 4-2, against the Toronto Blue Jays for the series.

Note: Those in bold lead to another website, for a Mariano Rivera reference.

Shaka Labbits – Monster Tree


July 1 in New York, July 2 in Manila..

For the second time, there was no live ESPN coverage of the New York
Yankees against the Seattle Mariners. So, I just contented myself with MLB Gameday, like what I usually do in situations like this.

The Yankees won the second game of the series, 4-2, against the
Mariners. Good. It was their seventh straight win and Mariano Rivera’s
502nd save. Congratulations, Mr. Rivera! Also, A-Rod had another 2 run homer, right into The Monument.

I wanted to write about the game, but I haven’t watched it with my own eyes though I have the game details through the Gameday and Game Wrapup. I also want to write about Ramiro Peña. I’m going to miss this guy. He’s got talent, and he is good.

There was an article written, but it was my opinion about Joe Girardi’s
decision to pull Phil Hughes out and replace him with Brian Bruney.
It’s Mr. Girardi’s call, not mine. I have it posted in Bleacher Report. If anyone wants to read what I wrote, it’s here: The Arcane Eight Inning Decision of Joe Girardi

The next starting pitcher is CC Sabathia and I thank God that ESPN Asia will cover the game. 0700H GMT+8.


Bon Jovi – Thank You for Loving Me (acoustic)