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Red Hot Cano


It’s the third game of the Bombers against the O’s and Robinson has been one hot hitter and second baseman. That’s undeniable.

Bottom of the seventh. Cano’s strong arms showed off for the third and last out of the inning. Everyone, especially Captain Jeter, was impressed. Who wasn’t?

Top of the eight. Albert Castillo replaced Matt Albers “to cool down Cano,” a commentator said. I’m not sure if it was Kay, but I’m sure Michael Kay did ask, “How hot is Cano?” Then on the second pitch to Robinson Cano, the second baseman hit his second solo home run of the night to right field. 
“It’s so good to be Cano!” That’s what Michael Kay said after bidding the flyball “See ya!”

To make the night more memorable, and legendary if you want, Mariano Rivera, the last ball player in MLB allowed to wear #42, closed the game. It was a no-save situation. The Yankees lead 4-0 against the Orioles. I love it when Joe Girardi makes a night more historical.

May 2009 Entries

I only started following MLB in May this year so there’s not much entries related to it. I do have some and I’ve thought that I’d rather post the links here than re-post the entries. That’s just troublesome.

So, here are two of my MLB-related posts in the month of May:

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